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Faire la pâte à pizza

MDS Italian Products

Wholesaler of Italian products for 20 years


The history of Belgium has been linked to that of many Italians for almost 80 years. Our parents and grandparents settled here to provide labor but also and above all to offer us a better future.


If there's one thing they haven't forgotten to bring with them: Italian cuisine. There are so many restaurants in Belgium that share the best of the most beautiful country in the world on a daily basis.


Our role for nearly 20 years has been to offer pizzaiolos, chefs and wine merchants superior quality products so that they can offer their customers an unforgettable culinary experience.


Every day we work with the goal that you, the lover of good food, can enjoy your meals.

Order your products today from MDS Italian Products and enjoy a complete service from the preparation of your order to the delivery to your establishment.

Delivery everywhere in Belgium!

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Our products

Our catalog lists no less than 200 references ranging from flour to wine, including olive oil and pizza boxes.


Version de octobre 2023

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